Kid's Menu

Foo Foo Drinks

For the Kids!
when it’s time to celebrate
Kids’ Foo Foo Drinks are only 3.95

Nina’s Pina Colada
Our great pina colada mix, pineapple
juice & cream.

Maggie Margaritas
Home made Margarita mix with crushed
ice and of course, an umbrella.

Sally’s Strawberry Margarita
Same great Margarita mix but with lots of

Little Johnny’s Rootbeer Float
Foamy rootbeer & a scoop of Vanilla Ice


1.50 (free refills)

Shirley Temple (sprite & cherries)
Roy Rogers (cherry coke)
Soft Drinks

Chocolate Milk
2.5 per glass


Vanilla ice cream, our secret hot fudge
sauce, roasted chopped peanuts,
whipped cream and shaved chocolate. 4.95

For Starters

A tasty cup of hot and delicious New
England Chowder.  4.5

Basket of Frank’s Fries
Tony’s special fries with any dippin’
sauce you’d like!  2.75

Breakfast Time!

Our delectable kids’ breakfasts are just 6.95

Two Eggs any Style
Served with two (2) strips of bacon or turkey sausage, hashed browns and a piece of toast. 

Silver Dollar Buttermilk or Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Served with two (2) strips of bacon or turkey sausage.

French Toast
Made with egg bread and served with two (2) strips of bacon or turkey sausage


Nicolette’s Lots-O-Cheese Pizza
She can never decide with or without pepperoni.

Michael B’s Fish & Chips
White fish dipped in Tony P’s batter and fried to a Golden brown, served with your choice of French

Little E’s Burger
Served with your choice of French Fries or Fruit.

Samantha’s Grilled Cheese
Served with your choice of French Fries or Fruit.

Francesca’s Famous Chicken Fingers
Served with your choice of French Fries or Fruit.

Tony P’s Famous Mac & Cheese
And this stuff isn’t out of a box! Perfectly cooked
small shell pasta with a delicious three cheese

Mom’s Charbroiled Chicken Breast
With sauted veggies and choice of potatoes or rice.

Vinny’s Spaghetti & Bread Sticks
A plate of his best and an old family recipe from his uncle.

Alfredo’s Pasta
Parmesan cheese cream sauce and a touch of
garlic tossed with egg fettuccine noodles. 

Little Mike’s Corn Dog
Crunchy outside, tender inside with a plump hot
dog. Served with your choice of French Fries or Fruit. 

Dinghy Club Meals 6.95
Anyone else 10 and that’s the rule!