Giving back

Tony P’s Dockside Grill invites you to participate in Tony P’s "Dockside Dollars" Fundraiser.

This fund-raiser is an easy way to raise money and satisfy your appetite at the same time. Just come into Tony P’s, enjoy a great meal, and we will donate 25 percent of the bill back to your school. Tony P’s Dockside Grill is Marina del Rey’s finest family restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our menu features king-sized portions of a variety of mouth-watering selections. Children can choose their favorite meal from Tony P’s Dinghy Club menu that offers 11 entrees like Tony P’s famous Mac & Cheese and kids appetizers at under $2.95 each. 

Here’s all you have to do to take advantage of the fundraiser:

1. Contact us to schedule a time to hold your Fundraiser Week.
2. Distribute the coupons we will provide to your school to friends, family and neighbors! Feel free to make more copies if you need them!!
3. Each time someone comes to Tony P’s Dockside Grill and presents their server with a coupon during your fundraiser week, Tony P’s will contribute 25 percent of the bill, excluding tax and tip, to your school. 20% for all other charitable organizations.
4. After your fundraiser week has ended, Tony P’s will present your organization with check for the total amount raised. It’s that simple! We look forward to working with you to help raise funds for your organization! We are proud of our employees and the management team for helping us achieve this goal.

Here is a proud list of Organizations and Events that we
have helped with, been in, donated too and continually support!


98th Street Elementary School
Anitoch University, Annual Comedy Show 2014
Beethoven Elementary School
Beethoven Elementary School Spring Gala 2017 thru 2019
Beethoven Elementary School Silent Auction 2011 thru 2015
Beethoven Elementary School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2001 & 2013
Bethlehem Lutheran Church & Pre- School Silent Auction 2008 & 2009
Bishop Montgomery High School 2009 Golf Tournament
Bishop Montgomery High School, 10th Anniversary, 2013
Braddock School, Silent Auction 2016
Brentwood Science Magnet Schools
Broadway Elementary, Dragonsprots 2014 thru 2019
Broadway Elementary, Spring Auction 2019
Canfireld Elementary
Canyon Elementary School, Silent Auction 2000
Carlthorp School, Golf Classic 2001
Carousel School Talent Show 2016
Carousel School Talent Show 2016
Castle Heights Elementary School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2005
CC Ed Foundation 2014
Center for Enriched Studies Silent Auction 2009
Children of Our Savior Preschool Trike-a-Thon 2009 & 2013, 2018
CLIC City Language Immersion Charter Casino Night 2019
Clover Avenue Booster Club 2009
Coeur D' Alene Elementary School, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2003,05,07 & 08
Coeur D’ Alene Elementary School, Marina del Rey, Annual Silent Auction 1998,99 & 2013, 2014
Coeur D’ Alene Elementary School, Marina del Rey, Pre-K
Coeur D’ Alene Elementary School, Spooky Saturday Fundraiser 2013 & 2014
Collins School of Hospitality Management
Community Awareness Resources & Education
Cowan Ave School, “A Trip to Maui” 2000 & 2003
Cowan Ave School, “Concert by the Canyon” 2008
Cowan Ave School, Fall Fundraiser 2008
Cowan Ave School, Silent Auction 2009
Cowan Avenue School
Cowan Avenue School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 1999 - 2013
Culver City Art Group 2013, 2014
Culver City Education Foundation
Culver City Education Foundation Teacher Grant Program 2012
Culver City High School
Culver City High School, “Casino Night” 2008 - 2018
Culver City High School, “Tribute to the Stars” 2000 - 2019
Culver City High School, Project Prom, 6th Annual 2019
Dearborn Elementary School, PTA 2009 & 2010
Diamond Ranch High School
Echo Horizon School Spring Affairs 2011 & 2014 thru 2018
El Marino Language School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2000 - 2013
El Sigundo Football "Dockside Rewards" 2012 thru 2016
Empowertech Annual Gala 2008
First Lutheran School of Venice
First Lutheran School of Venice, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2007 thru 2017
First Lutheran School of Venice, Silent Auction 1999 & 2000
First Lutheran School of Venice, Wild Wild West 2017
First United Methodist Church Nursery School, Fair & Auction 1998
Flight Path Learning Center 2012
Florida Gator’s Alumni Club 1997- 2017
Friend of Youth Foundation, 12th thru 20th Annual Golf Tournament
Friends of Laces 2016 - 2019
Friends of Open School, Bidding for Good! Silent Auction 2019
GAN West Pre School 2011
Goethe International Charter School 2013, 2014 & 2018
Goethe International Charter School 2018 "Dockside Rewards Fundraiser" 2018
Good Shepherd School "Dockside Rewards Fundraiser" 2012
Good Shepherd School 8th Grade Musical 2012
Good Shepherd School Shelter Benefit 2012 - 2013
Grand View Elementary 2018 & 2019
Grand View Elementary School "Dockside Rewards Fundraiser" 2019 
Grant Elementary School
Grant Elementary School, “Fiesta de Mayo Carnival” 2003 - 2006
Grant Elementary School, Silent Auction 2002 & 2008, 2013, 2014
Hamilton High School Booster Club "Dockside Rewards Fundraiser" 2011
Hamilton High School Magnet 2018  & 2019
Hill & Dale Family Learning Center
Hill & Dale Family Learning Center, 2008 Thru 2017 Silent Auction
Hill & Dale Family Learning Center, Roaring 20s
Hillcrest Christian School
Hillcrest Christian School, Silent Auction 2003
Hillcrest Drive Music Magnet Elementary School
Kenter Canyon Elementary School, Silent Auction 1998 & 2000
Kentwood Elementary School
Kentwood Elementary School, "Totally 80's Prom 2011-2019
Kentwood Elementary School, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 1999 - 2002
Kentwood Elementary School, “International Day 2005
Kentwood Elementary School, “Spring Talent Showcase 2006
Kentwood Elementary School, Education Fund 2013 - 2019
Kentwood Elementary School, Silent auction 2004 & 2012
La Ballona Elementary,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 1999, 2012
La Playa Co-Op Nursery School
LA Playa Co-Op Nursery School, Silent Auction 2004
LACES, Black and White Bash 2009, 2015 & 2019
Les Etoiles de la Nuit 2008 Bal De Paris
LMU Administration, Christmas Party 1999 & 2003
LMU Annual Staff Picnic, 2003
LMU Casino Night 2018
LMU Children’s Center, 6th Anniversary Faire, 2012 -2017
LMU Law School
LMU MBA, Golf Classic 2003, 2004, 2007
Los Angeles County Education Foundation, Silent Auction 2008
Loyola Marymount University Children's Center 2011
Loyola Village Elementary School
Loyola Village Elementary School, “Open House” 2006 & 08
Loyola Village Elementary School, “Silent Auction” 2009 & 2011
Loyola Village Elementary School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2001 thru 2011
Loyola Village Love Arts Alive Festival 2013
Loyola Village Magnet School
Loyola Village Magnet School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2000
Magnolia Science Academy 2014
Malibu Methodist Nursery School, “The Cook’s Tour” 1998
Mar Vista Elementary School 2012
Mar Vista Elementary School, “Bids for Kids 2002 thru 2019
Mar Vista Elementary School, “Dockside Fundraiser” 2001,06,07,08
Marina del Rey Library
Marina del Rey Library, Super Duper Reader Awards Program 2000 - 2007
Marquez Charter Elementary School
Marquez Charter Elementary School, Tickets to Paradise, 2009
McKinley Elementary School 2012 - 2014
Michigan State University L.A. Alumni Club 1997 - 2017
Mirman School
Mt. Olive Lutheran School, Pre-K 2007 - 2010 & 2012
Mychal’s Learning Center, Silent Auction Party 2005 Thru 2017
Notre Dame Academe High School
Notre Dame Academe High School, “Gala” 2006 - 2010
Notre Dame Academe High School, 11th - 17th Annual Golf Tournament
Notre Dame Academe High School, Teachers Appreciation Luncheon 2007 & 2008
Notre Dame Academy Elementary School, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2004,2019
Notre Dame Academy Elementary School, “Holiday Gala” 2004
Notre Dame Academy Elementary School, “Mardi Gras Carnival” 2000
Notre Dame Academy Elementary School, “Monte Carlo Silent Auction” 2002
Notre Dame Academy Elementary School, “Silent Auction” 2003
Notre Dame Academy Elementary School, Bingo 2015-2017
Ocean Charter School
Ocean Charter School, Silent Auction 2003 thru 2018
Ocean Charter School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2005
Open Charter Magnet School 2018Open Charter Magnet School "Auction for Education" 2011 & 2012
Open Charter Magnet School, “25th & 30th Anniversary”
Open Charter Magnet School, Auction for Education 2010-12
Open Charter Magnet School, Silent Auction 2004
Open Charter Magnet School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2000, 2005 thru 2017
Open Charter Magnet Westchester School
Operation Children, “Together We Can Make a Difference”
Orville Wright Middle School
Orville Wright Middle School, Booster Club 2011, 2012
Orville Wright Middle School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2002 & 2009 - 12
Otis Collage, Annual Giving 2011
Otis Collage, Scholarship Fund 2005
Overland Elementary School Gala Auction 2009 thru 2017
Pacific Christian High School, Silent Auction 2014 thru 2017
Pali High 2013
Palisades Charter Complex Schools
Paseo del Rey Natural Science Magnet Island Festival 2016
Paseo del Rey School
Paseo del Rey School, Silent Auction & Hawaiian Raffle 2002 - 2013
Paseo del Rey School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2004 -2008
Pepperdine University School of Law Auction 2008
Pepperdine University Summer Fellowship 2008
Pepperdine, Humanities & Teachers Ed Division 1999
Pilgrim School
Play Mountain Place 2014 thru 2019
PS#1 Elementary School, Silent Auction 1998 - 2001
Roosevelt School Booster Club, Silent Auction 1999 - 2001 & 2011
Saint Gerard Majella School, “Cinco de Mayo Celebration” 2001 & 2002
Saint Monica Academic and Spiritual Heritage, “All That Jazz” 1998
Saint Monica Academic and Spiritual Heritage, 11th - 13th Annual Dinner & Auction
Saint Monica Academic and Spiritual Heritage, Annual Dinner & Auction 1998
Saint Monica Academic and Spiritual Heritage, Taste of Health
Santa Monica Alternative School House
Santa Monica Alternative School House, “30th year - 35th year Super Smash”
Santa Monica Alternative School House, Silent Auction 2011
Santa Monica College
Santa Monica College Silent 2013
Santa Monica College, Women in Transition Silent Auction 1998
Santa Monica Elementary School, "Dockside Rewards Fundraiser" 2011
Santa Monica Elementary School, "Harvest Moon", Wine Tasting & Silent Auction 2011 & 2012
Santa Monica High School
Santa Monica High School Choral Department Supper Serenade 2010 - 2018
Santa Monica High School Girls Soccer 2010
Santa Monica High School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2007& 2010
Santa Monica Orchestra 2012
School on Wheels Silent Auction 2010 with Southwest Air
Short Avenue Elementary School
Short Avenue Elementary School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2006, 2009 thru 2014
Short Avenue Silent Auction 2019
St Jerome's School Black and White Gala 2013, 2014
St Jerome's Western Round Up 2013
St. Anastasia's School
St. Anastasia's School, 50/50 Raffle 2001
St. Anastasia's School, Frugal Meal 2003,04,05,06,07
St. Anastasia's School, Golf Tournament 2009 thru 2018
St. Anastasia's School, Hawaiian Raffle 2000 thru 2010
St. Anastasia's School, Kindergarten “Pizza Chef for a Day, 2003 - 2018
St. Anastasia's School, Pancake Breakfast 2002,03,04,05,06,07,
St. Anastasia's School, Parish Ball 1998 thru 2018
St. Anastasia's School, Renaissance Fair Luncheon 2006 & 2007
St. Anastasia's School,“Dockside Fundraiser” 2000 thru 2018
St. Anastasia's Schools. Anastasia's School
St. Anthony's School
St. Anthony's School, Silent Auction 2003
St. Augustine School
St. Augustine School Casino Night 2009
St. Augustine School Luau & Art Show 2007 - 2008
St. Augustine School Pre-K
St. Augustine School, 2nd Annual Gala 2015
St. Bernard's School, High School
St. Bernard's School, High School, “Mr. Ron Harris Fund Raiser”
St. Bernard's School, High School, “Viking Fare 2003
St. Bernard's School, High School, Fiftieth Anniversary Gala, 2008
St. Bernard's School, High School, Golf Tournament 2008
St. Bernard's School, High School, Mardi Gras 2011
St. Euphrasia School, 8th Annual Silent Auction
St. Gerard's Majella School, Raffle 2003
St. Jerome’s School “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2000, 2012, 2014
St. Jerome's Nite on the Nile 2012
St. Jerome's School
St. Jerome's School “Jog-A-Thon”Auction 2002
St. Jerome's School, Athletic Department
St. Jerome's School, Carnival 2010
St. Jerome's School, Casino Night, 2008
St. Joan of Arc School
St. Joan of Arc School, “Blocks-for-Tots”
St. Joan of Arc School, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2006
St. Joan of Arc School, “Summer Festival” 2003,05,06
St. Joan of Arc School, Dinner Dance 1999
St. Joan of Arc School, Halloween Festival Raffle 2003
St. Joan of Arc School, Pre-K
St. Marks Elementary School
St. Marks Elementary School, Carnival in Rio 2016
St. Marks Elementary School, Silent Auction 2000 thru 2019
St. Marks Elementary School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2000 thru 2015
St. Mary’s Academy, Derby Day 2009 thru 2017
St. Mary’s Academy, Silent Auction
St. Monica’s SMASH
St. Monica's High School 2000 - 2018
Student Run L.A. Friendship Run, 1998
Teacher Eddie Awards, 1999 Thru 2017
Teen Challenge Awards 2008
The Growing Place 2014 thru 2017
The Growing Place Dinner and Auction 2011 Thru 2017
The Mirman School Silent Auction 2011
The Willows Community School, Annual Auction 1998
U.C.L.A. Prytanean Alumnae Association, Silent Auction 2004, 2012
UCLA Alumni Association 2012
UCLA School of Nursing 2012
Upward Bound, Silent Auction 1998 - 2000, 2012
USC Catholic Communities, Silent Auction 1997 - 1998
USC Information Sciences 2016
USC Law School
USC Staff Appreciation Day 2106
Venice Charter High School, St Patrick's Day Festival 2012
Venice High School
Venice High School Alumni Association 2012 thru 2019
Venice High School Golf Classic 2011 thru 2020
Venice High School PTSA 2016
Venice High School, “Alumni Dance” 2003 2010
Venice High School, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2002 - 2003, 2019
Venice High School, 65 th year reunion, Class of 1945
Venice High School, Football Program 2000
Venice Lutheran School Evening of Art & Music 2010
Venice Lutheran School Silent Auction 2010 thru 2017
Venice Lutheran School Wild Wild West 2017
Venice Lutheran School "Dockside Rewards Fundraiser" 2018
Venice Lutheran School Wild Wild West 2017
Visitation Church and School We go together Carnival 2010 - 2017
Visitation School
Visitation School A Starry Night 2013
Visitation School Kindergarten “Pizza Chef for a Day, 2012 Thru 2017
Visitation School Silent Auction “Pizza Chef for a Day, 2012
Visitation School World Festival 2011 - 2012
Visitation School, Spooktacular Silent Auction 2010
Visitation School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 1999, 2016
Walgrove Elementary 2014
Webster Elementary School Silent Auction 2008 - 2009
Westchester Parents Nursery School, Fundraiser 2012
Westchester Charter Elementary School, Viva Las Vegas 2003
Westchester Elementary School, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 1999
Westchester Emerson Adult School, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2000 & 2001
Westchester Emerson Adult School Santa Claus on Parade
Westchester High School
Westchester High School, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2000,01,02
Westchester High School, Booster Club Basketball 2001
Westchester Lutheran School
Westchester Lutheran School, Golf Outing 2014
Westchester Lutheran School, Silent Auction 1997 thru 2019
Westchester Lutheran School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2000 thru 2019
Westchester Neighborhood School
Westchester Neighborhood School, “Golf Tournament” 2006
Westchester Neighborhood School, Silent Auction 2002 - 2018
Westchester Neighborhood School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2000,06 -2010
Westchester Parents Nursery School
Westchester Parents Nursery School, 7th. 8th & 9th Annual Children’s Concert
Westchester Secondary School, 2014
Westchester United Methodist 2013 -2019
Westchester United Methodist Dockside Rewards 2019
Westchester, Playa, Education Foundation
Westly School 2016
Westport Heights Elementary School
Westport Heights Elementary School,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2004
Westside Leadership Magnet, Westwood Charter School
Westside Leadership Magnet,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 1999
Westside Secondary School "Dockside Rewards Fundraiser" 2014 thru 2016
Westside Waldorf School, May Faire & Silent Auction 2001
Westwood Charter School, Spring Auction 1999 - 2002
Will Rogers Elementary 2017
WISH Charter 2012 thru 2017
WISH Charter School "Dockside Rewards Fundraiser" 2012 Thru 2019
WPNS Parents Nursery School Spring Fest 2014 

Mom's & Womens Clubs

California Women’s Law Center
California Women’s Law Center, 17th Justice for Women
Culver City's Women's Club 2013 thru 2019
Culver City's Women's Club 2017 & 2018 "Dockside Rewards Dollars
Home for Battered Women 2012 - 2013
Jewish Women International Zahava Chapter, Silent Auction 2006 & 2009
Loyola High School Mothers Guild 2018
Mar Vista Women's Club, 42nd Annual Fashion Show 1998
Mar Vista Women's Club, Annual Fashion Show 2000 Thru 2017
Mom’s Club of Westchester, “Dockside Fundraiser” 2004
Mom's Club of Playa Del Rey,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2005 - 2006
National Association of Women Business Owners- Los Angeles, Holiday Reception 2006
Playa del Rey Woman's Club 2013
Single Mom's Planet Gala 2019
The Mannequins of Assistance League of Southern California
West L.A. Mom's Club Fundraiser, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2001
Westchester Elks, Ladies Fashion Show 2009
Westchester Jr. Women’s Club, Father Daughter Prom 1999 - 2004
Westchester Women’s Club, Champion Tournament Luncheon 2006 - 2007
Westchester Womans Club Golf 2019
Westside Women’s Health Center, A Tribute to Women 1998 & 2000
Woman of Playa del Rey Fashion Show 2016
Women Against Gun Violence 2013 Thru 2018
Women Against Gun Violence, 10th Anniversary Leadership Benefit
Women in Recovery, Silent Auction 2001
Women’s American ORT, Silent Auction 2009
Women's Club of Playa del Rey, Dockside Rewards. 2015
Women's Club of Playa del Rey, Silent Auction 2017 thru 2019
Women's Sailing Association Regatta 2011 


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles, 2006 - 2011
Boys & Girls Club Santa Monica
Boys & Girls Club Santa Monica, Silent Auction 1997 Thru 2017
Boys & Girls Club Venice
Boys & Girls Club Venice, “Casino Night Benefit” 2004
Boys & Girls Club Venice, “Otis Art Reception” 2004
Boys & Girls Club Venice, 45th Anniversary 2013
Boys & Girls Club Venice, A Night in Monte Carlo, 1999
Boys & Girls Club Venice, Auction 2006 - 2009
Boys & Girls Club Venice, Champion of Youth Gala 2009 - 2018
Boys & Girls Club Venice, Champion of Youth Jazz Brunch 2002
Boys & Girls Club Venice, Golf Tournament 2003
Boys & Girls Club Venice, Golf Tournament, Enterprise Rent a Car 2000
Boys & Girls Club Venice, Locomotion for Kids, 1999
Boys & Girls Club Venice, Tennis Marathon 1998
Boys & Girls Club Venice, Youth Gala 2016
Boys & Girls Club Venice, Winter Regatta Reception 2017
Kids Day America, Silent Auction 1997
Kids Save International
Kids Save International, 5th - 10th Annual “Stand By Me Gala”
Kids Save International,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2004
Los Angeles Teen Challenge Golf Tournament 2010
LMU Children's Center Fall Festival 2018 - 2019
Pac Bell Bowl-a-Thon II for Kids 1998
Play Mountain Place 2017 & 2018
Save Place for Youth Spring Benefit 2017
Team Jetty for Juvenile Diabetes
Teen Challenge Ministry Institute of So Cal 2019
Touch A Life / Go Team Ghana 2012
Westchester / Del Rey Cheer Academy
Westchester / Del Rey Cheer Academy, 3rd Annual Spring Fest
Westchester / Playa del Rey, Cotillion
YMCA Culver / Palms
YMCA Culver / Palms, Support Campaign 2004,06,08
YMCA Culver / Palms, Youth & Government,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2005
YMCA Santa Monica
YMCA Santa Monica, 4th Annual Past Presidents Recognition Luncheon, 2010
YMCA Santa Monica, Casino Night 1999 & 2000
YMCA Santa Monica, Support Campaign 2004 Thru 2019
YMCA Westchester Halloween Costumes
YMCA Westchester, “Coming Together for Youth” 2001
YMCA Westchester, 17th Anniversary Golf Classic 2000,03,05,06,07
YMCA Westchester, Jr Lakers
YMCA Westchester, Kids Need Hero's 2014
YMCA Westchester, Support Campaign 2004,05,06
YMCA Westchester, Youth & Government “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2004 - 2006, 2013
YMCA Westchester Family Dockside Fundraiser 2019
YMCA Westchester, Mother Son Prom 2019
Youth Opportunities Unlimited, Silent Auction 2003


8th Annual Flavors of Orange County Culinary Gala 2012
Cal State University Long Beach Hotel Management Program 06 & 07
California Restaurant Association (CRA)
California Restaurant Association Los Angeles Chapter
California Restaurant Association Orange County Chapter
CRA L.A. Chapter 2003 Thru 2018 Send Kids to Culinary School Golf Tournament
CRA L.A. Chapter Elisabeth Burns Dinner 2003 Thru 2019
CRAEF - California Restaurant Association Education Foundation 2003 Thru 2019
Restaurants Against Hunger and Homeless, Fundraiser 1998
Share our Strength's Great American Dine Out 2009


Circle of Friends Wine Tasting & Silent Auction 2009 thru 2019
Computer Access Center
Corinthian Foundation Fashion Show & Auction, 1999 - 2000
Direct Relief International, Thirst Aid 2005
Dream Street Foundation
Dream Street Foundation,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2006
Friend Ship Circle 2010 Farm Fresh Fruit Picker Day 2010
Glennwood Housing Foundation 2015-2016
Hey Girl Friend Network 2012 Thru 2014
Jean Getchell Academy
Mar Vista Seniors Club 2017 - 2019
Melinda Mitchell Memorial Fund 2000
Mission Doctors Assocation 2018
National Red Cross
Parenting Institute,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2001
PFO Dockside Rewards Week 2011
Prototypes Partners Health Right 360, 2018
PV-JOBS, 4th Annual Gulf Tournament 2005
Rose Vista
Rose Vista, Silent Auction 2002
Santa Monica Breakfast Welfare Club 2017
Santa Monica Red Cross
Santa Monica Red Cross, Red Cross Spirit Awards 2003
Stop Senior Scams Acting Program 2018
United Way, Silent Auction 2001 & 2003
Untied American Indian Involvement
Virginia Avenue Project, 17th - 20th Anniversary Auction
Westchester Playa Village Seniors 2012

Greek Society / Clubs

Alpha Gamma 2012 Thru 2015 & 2019
Alpha Gamma,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2004 - 2009
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Jazz at the Sea 2018
Alpha Phi Zeta Beta Chapter 2012
Alpha Phi, Silent Auction 1997
Delta Zeta Sorority, 1997 & 1998
Ignatian Volunteer Corp, Madonna Della Strada Celebration 2013
LMU Kappa Alpha Theta, 2005, 2012
Sigma Chi Fraternity, Iota Omega Chapter, “Derby Days” 2001
Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Project America, “Dockside Fundraiser” 2001
Tau Beta Omega L.A. 2018

Religious Organizations

Adiba Shaby Isaiah
Adiba Shaby Isaiah, 3rd Annual Golf Tournament
Beth Shir Sholom 2010 Thur 2019
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Church
B'nai Tikvah
Buddhist Temple Obon Festival 2014, 2015 & 2019
Catholic Charity's Organization
Catholic Charity's Organization, “Mardi Gras 2001 -2010
Congregation Tikvat Jacob Beth Torah, Manhattan Beach, Betting on Success 2019
Del Rey Church 2018
Faith Tabernacle Assemblies of God,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2007
Faith Tabernacle Assembly of God
First Church of God,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2003
First Lutheran Church of Venice, 25 Years of Service by Dave Rush
First Lutheran Church of Venice, 60 Years of Service
First Lutheran Church of Venice, Fall Festival Raffle 2007 & 2008
First Lutheran Church of Venice, Soup Dinner
First Lutheran Church of Venice, Turkey Dinner
Foursquare Church
Haddassah Southern California Resource Center
Haddassah Southern California Resource Center Silent Auction 2002
Jewish Federation Dinner 2011
Joy of Jesus, Scholarship Fund 2012
Marychest Manor Carmelite, Sisters of the most Scared Heart of L.A. 2012
Marycrest Manor, Mother Luisita Luncheon 2012
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Silent Auction 2001
Santa Claus on ParadeBeth Shir Sholom Awards & Silent Auction 2008 Thru 2015
Santa Monica Synagogue 2013 thru 2109
Sha’arel Am, Santa Monica Silent Auction 2000 thru 2015
St. Anastasia's Church
St. Euphrasia Church
St. Hubert Church
St. Jerome's Church
St. Joan of Arc Church
St. Joan of Arc Church raffle 2010
St. Joseph Center 2012
St. Joseph Center, Dinner Dance 2001,03,05, 2008 Thru 2019
St. marks Church, Theology on Tap, 2015
St. Monica's Church
St. Monica's Church, Easter Reception 1998
St. Sophia’s Greek Festival
Temple Akiba “Annual Gala Purim Carnival” 2008 Thru 2019
Temple Isaiah, “Imagine 2003
Temple Isaiah, “Reach for the Stars” 2002
The Catholic Daughters of America
University Christian Church, Women’s Tea 2007 - 2011
Venice Hongwanji Buddhist Temple 2018
Visitation Church
Visitation Church, Las Vegas Night Silent Action 1997
Visitation Church, Wild West Carnival 1998
Weschester United Methodist Church Dockside Rewards 2017-2020
Westchester Lutheran Church
Westminster and First African Presbyterian Churches
Westwood Temple

Health Care

Asteme Math & Stem Center 2018
Airport Marina Counseling Service
Airport Marina Counseling Service, A Tribute to Our Friends 2006 thru 2019
Airport Marina Counseling Service, Cheers for Charity Silent Auction 1998
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, “Heart of Hollywood” Dinner 2008 - 2009
Centinela Freeman Community Foundation 5th Annual Sister Mary Golf Classic
Children's Hospital
City of Hope
City of Hope Annual Crab Feast, 2012 Thru 2014
City of Hope, “Afternoon at the Races” 2004
City of Hope, Turn of the Century Ball, 1999
Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, Auxiliary Guild 1999
Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital, Millennium Masked Ball 1999
John Tracy Clinic Raffle 2000
Marina Hospital Medical Center
Northridge Hospital 2018 
Planned Parenthood Food Fare 2010 & 2011
Sandy Segal Youth Health Center, Auction 2019
Santa Monica Medical Center, Annual Gala 1998 - 1999
St. John's Breast Cancer
St. John's Child Family Development Center 2012 Thru 2017
St. John's Medical Center
Sunnyview Convalescent Hospital 2012
The Center for the Partially Sighted, Silent Auction 1997 - 1998
UCLA Breast Cancer
UCLA Medical Center
UCLA Medical Center, 13th Annual Gala 1999
UCLA Medical Center, Art & Wine Auction 2007 - 2008
Valley Presbyterian Hospital , Silent Auction 1998
Westchester Mental Health Guild
Westchester Mental Health Guild “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2009
Westchester Mental Health Guild,“Dockside Fundraiser” 2006 & 2007, 2017


Challengers Foundation 2009 Veterans, Dockside Rewards Week
Eileen Keller Memorial Golf Tournament 2009
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation
Empowertech Annual Heart of Technology Gala 2009
Hospice Foundation, Silent Auction 2001
Hurricane Relief Fund
Ignacio Luna Family Fundraiser 2008
International Life Services Westside Auxiliary, 3rd Annual “Celebration of Angels”
Jennifer Diamond Foundation
Jessie's Place Fundraiser 2009 thru 2015
Kerian-Jobe Orthopaedic Foundation, Golf Tournament 2001
Labor of Love 2013
Laureate Education Inc, United Way "Caring is Cool" 2013
Make a Wish Foundation
Make a Wish Foundation “Win A Harley Davidson Raffle”
Make a Wish Foundation, Magic of Laughter
Make a Wish Foundation, Piece of My Heart Art Reception 2011
Melanoma Research Foundation Fundraiser 2010
Mychal's Learning Place 1995 -2019
Norm Lacy Annual Memorial Golf Tournament 2018-2019
Recovery in America International 2010
Rods Day 11th Thru 22nd Anniversary
Santa Monica Aids Project 2000
Share , Boomtown Show, 2007 & 2008
SMACH Gala, A Kaleidoskope of Friends 2019
Talbert Family Foundation
Torch Relay for Children's Miracle Network
Turning Point, Silent Auction Year on the House 1999
Venice Heritage Foundations "Dockside Rewards" 2019
Walk with Sally 2019
Whole Planet Foundation 2012
Westside Pacific Villages "Dockside Rewards" 2018


California Travel Summit 2014
Cantori Domino, Silent Auction 1997 & 1998
Community Recovery Recourses 2017
Exchange Club of Culver City 52nd 4th of July Party 2018
Family Services of Santa Monica
Family Services of Santa Monica, Auction 2001
Fight for Jessica Annual Benefit 2006 - 2010
Flight Path Learning Center & Museum 2010 Thru 2018
Focolare Movement, 2007 & 2008
Gateway to LA Dine Around 2006 - 2009
Glaad Media Awards, 2001
Heart to Heart Gala, 2019
LMU E-Mail Drive
Marina del Rey CVB
Meals on Wheels, West 2011
Playa Vista Optimists 4th Annual Golf Tournament 2018
Santa Claus on Parade
Santa Monica CVB
Santa Monica Mid-City Neighbors
Senior Day, Santa Monica, 1998 - 2001
The Wellness Community
Travelers Aid Society L.A., Raffle 2003 - 2010
Venice Community Housing Center Music Festival 2010 Thru 2019
Venice Community Housing Corporation, Champagne Brunch 2009 -2011
Venice Community Housing Corporation
Venice Family Clinic 2017-2019
Veterans Walk / Run
Villa Marina Council 4th - 19th Annual Block Party
We are Family Day 2009
Westchester 4th of July Parade 2000 - 2013
Westchester Bluffs Conservancy
Westchester Bluffs Conservancy, Golf Tournament 2003
Westchester Santa Clause on Parade 2002 Thru 2017
Wise Senior Services, Silent Auction 1997 - 2001
Westside Pacific Villages 2019

Santa Monica Bay / Yacht Clubs / Marina del Rey

Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs, 1997, 04, 05, 10 thru 2019
B.A.M. 18th Street Art Center Brew Fest 2012
Ballona Wetlands 2016
Bay Restoration Foundation Clean Up, 2008
California Coastal Clean Up 2005
Capri 14.2 Regatta, 1998
Captain Care 2016
Del Rey Yacht Club, 2010 Race to Mexico
Del Rey Yacht Club, 2011 Thru 2019
Del Rey Yacht Club, 3rd Annual Blood Drive, 2010
Del Rey Yacht Club, Academy Awards Night
Descover Marina del Rey 2013
Heal the Bay, Silent Auction 1997, 2013, 2014 thru 2019
Heal the Bay, Special Olympics
Ribbons and Souls Dockside Rewards 2011 Thru 2019
Marina del Rey Art and Sea 2017
Marina del Rey Boat Show
Marina del Rey Halibut Derby, 2002 - 2010
Marina del Rey Historical Society 2010 - 2018
Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade, 2003 Thru 2019
Marina del Rey New Years Eve Fireworks 2009/2010
Marina del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club Kahanamoku Classic 2008 - 2019
National Marina Day 2007
Power Fleet Fall Celebration Silent Auction 2001 & 2002
Safe Harbor Foundation
Santa Monica Bay Keepers
Santa Monica Bay Keepers, “10th Anniversary Beach Ball” 2003
Santa Monica Bay Keepers, 21st Annual Coastal Clean Up DaySanta Claus on Parade
Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation
Santa Monica Bay Yacht Club 2014-2019
Santa Monica Museum of Flying
Santa Monica Wind Jammers
Santa Monica Wind Jammers Monte Carlo Night 2010
Santa Monica Wind Jammers Super Bowl Party 2019
Santa Monica Women's Yacht Club 1st Annual Paddle Board Poker Run 2012
Tony P’s Regatta
Venice Canals 25th - 34rd Annual Holiday Boat Parade
Wind Jammers Yacht Club, 24 Hour Dinghy Race 1997
Wow / Wait Regatta 2010 thru 2019

The Arts

“Six Degrees of Separation.” 2010
Associated Square Dancers 31st Annual Jamboree
Congressional Art Competition, Senator Ted Lieu, 2015 tru 2018
Culver City - Art Group Fundraiser 2011
Culver City - Marina - Westchester Symphony, “Music is the Food for Love” 2001
Culver City - Marina - Westchester Symphony, Fundraiser 2001
Culver City - Marina - Westchester Symphony, Fundraiser 2004
Friends of Art & Education at the Cerritos Center Gala 2008 Thru 2016
Friends of Griftith Observatory, 2014
Friends of Torrance Theatre 2015-2016
International Film Festival, Santa Monica, 1998
Kentwood Play House 2008 - 2014
Kentwood Player House Dockside Rewards Program
L.A. Gay Men's Choir, “Come home for the Holidays” 2002
L.A. Gay Men's Choir, “Swing Santa Swing ”
L.A. Phil Affiliates 2015 thru 2018
Making Faces Production
Pacific Art Guild 2013 - 2014
Pacific Art Guild 2013 thru 2019
Pacific Art Guild Spring Art Show 2008 & 2010
Ray Charles Blues Lab
Stop Senior Scams, Acting Program 2018-2019
UCLA Choir
UCLA Choir, Silent Auction 2002
Venice Art Walk, 1998 Thru 2014
Venice Art Walk, Annual Auction 2003 Thru 2017
Young Musicians Foundation , Annual Gala 2008


Workforce & Economic Development Silent Auction 2001
Hostelling International USA
Hostelling International USA, “Discover your World Program”
The British American Business Council Los Angeles
Northrop Grumman Retirement Club "Fashion with a Flair" 2015 - 2019

Chambers of Commerce

Culver City Chamber of Commerce
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Member 1997 thru Now
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Airport Business Fair
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Business Expo
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Chamber Fest 2005 Thru 2019
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce City of Angels Awards 2006, 2013 thru 2018
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, Teacher Eddie Awards 2000 Thru 2019
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Installation Dinner 1997 Thru 2019
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Marina Affairs Committee Monthly Meeting 2000 Thru 2009,
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Mayors Mixers
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Monthly Membership Mixers from 1999 until now
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Protector Event 2004 Thru 2018
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Speed Networking
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce State of the Marina Breakfast 2005 Thru 2018
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Youth Summit 2008
LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce, Young Professional Mixer 2009
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Member 1985 thru 2001
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Installation Dinner 2001
Venice Chamber of Commerce Member 2005 thru Now
Venice Chamber of Commerce Silent Auction 2009
Western Association of Chamber Executives 2010


Forte Animal Rescue "Dockside Rewards" 2012 thru 2019
One Dog Rescue 2016
Rescue Me Pet Foundation 2008
The Humane Society 24th Annual Genesis Awards 2010

Community Clubs

Culver City Elks Club 2106
Dine Out America Katrina Relief
Elks of Santa Monica 2019
Exchange Center Culver City 2017, 2018
Harley Owners Group, Los Angeles Chapter
Harley Owners Group, South Bay Poker Run 2002
Kiwanis Club Culver City
Kiwanis Club El Segundo, Mayors Cup, 2000
Kiwanis Club LAX, Golf Tournament 2003
Kiwanis Club Santa Monica
Kiwanis Club Santa Monica, 20th - 24th Annual Golf Classic
Kiwanis Club Santa Monica, 7th Annual Texas Hold Em Poker Tournament
Kiwanis Club Santa Monica, John Drescher Classic
Kiwanis Club Westchester
Knights of Columbus, #3744 2002 Thru 2014
Knights of Columbus, #3744,Vegas Night 2004 - 2008
Knights of Columbus, #4834,Vegas Night 1997 & 2008
Lariats of Westchester
Lariats of Westchester, Easter Candy Drive 2007
Lariats of Westchester,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2007
LAX Yellow Jackets
Lions Club 4th of July Culver City
Lions Club Culver City, 2nd - 7th Annual Crab Feed Dinner
Lions Club Santa Monica
Lions Club Venice / Marina del Rey
Lions Club Venice / Marina del Rey, 16th - 20th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Lions Club Venice / Marina del Rey, Bingo Night, 2006 Thru 2018
Lions Club Westchester
LMU Rotaract Fundraiser,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2001 & 2002
Mar Vista Seniors Club Holiday Party 2019
Navy League of the United States, Beverly Hills Council, Fundraiser 2008 Thru 2018
Optimist Club of Santa Monica, Shall We Dance 1999
Optimist Club, M.V.P.1998
Rips Bad Run 2013
Rotary Foundation Katrina Relief
Rotary International
Rotary International, An Affair to Remember 2006
Rotary International, Bon Voyage 2005
Rotary International, Silent Auction 2000, 2013
Rotary International, Winter Wonderland 2003
Rotary Los Angeles
Rotary of Santa Monica Katrina Relief
Rotary Paul Harris Foundation
Rotary Playa Sunrise
Rotary Playa Sunrise, “Greek Feast” 2009
Rotary Playa Sunrise, “Italian Feast”, 2007
Rotary Playa Sunrise, “South of the Boarder Feast” 2010
Rotary Playa Sunrise, Bingo Night 2016 thru 2019
Rotary Playa Sunrise, Christmas Party 2005 - 2007
Rotary Playa Sunrise, Cultural Dinner 2011
Rotary Playa Sunrise, Cultural Dinner 2012 Thru 2017
Rotary Playa Sunrise, Demotion Party 2005 - 2008
Rotary Playa Sunrise, Project Amigos 2007
Rotary Playa Sunrise, "Dockside Rewards"
Rotary Santa Monica
Rotary Venice / Marina del Rey
Rotary Venice / Marina del Rey, 65th Anniversary Dinner
Rotary Venice / Marina del Rey, Silent Auction 2001 & 2002
Rotary Westchester
Rotary Westchester, “Back to the 50's” 2003
Rotary Westchester, 50th Anniversary Gala Silent Auction 2000
Rotary Westchester, Dockside Rewards 2013
Rotary Westchester, Raffle 2001
Rotary Westchester, Silent Auction 2001 & 2002 thru 2017
Southern California MPI 2012
Toastmasters 2005 & 2006
Westchester Elks, Charity Bowling Tournament 2007 Thru 2017
Westside Pacific Village Holiday Party 2019


A. Y. S. O. Granada Hills
A. Y. S. O. Region 7
A. Y. S. O. Region 7 “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2001
A. Y. S. O. Region 7 Team Sponsor 2001 - 2007
Alemany High School Baseball Fund Raiser 2004 - 2009
Beach Cities Blue Volleyball Club Team,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2001
Boy Scouts of America
Boy Scouts of America Troop 716
Boy Scouts of America, Club Pack 824, 2004,2005,2008, 2016
Culver / Marina Little League, "Dockside Reward Fundraiser" 2010 Thru 2017
Culver Marina Little League 2014
Del Rey / American Little League, pancake breakfast 2006 - 2009
Del Rey / American Little League, Silent Auction 2000 Thru 2017
Del Rey Youth Foundation 2011
Dream Catcher of LA. 4th Annual Wild West casino Night 2016 - 2017
Executive Women’s Golf Associations, Silent Auction 2001
Girl Scouts of America
Girl Scouts of America Troop 1052
Girl Scouts of America, Camp
Girl Scouts of America, Camp Such N Stuff 2002 - 2006
LMU Athletic Department 2001 Thru 2018
LMU Basketball Men's
LMU Basketball Men's, Booster Club 2000
LMU Basketball Women's
LMU lacrosse
LMU Soccer Men’s
LMU Soccer Women’s
LMU Summer Camp Program, 2001 - 2006
LMU Water Polo
LMU Water Polo, Booster Club 1999
Los Angles Synchronized Swimmers, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2001
North Valley Youth Baseball
North Valley Youth Baseball, Silent Auction 1997 - 2008
Northridge Softball
Santa Monica Pony Baseball 6th Annual Diner Dance 2010 & 2012
Special Olympics Polar Plunge 2014-2015
Special Olympics, "A Bid of Excitement" 2010 thru 2016
Westchester / Del Rey Little League, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2005 Thru 2017
Westchester / Del Rey Little League, 2008 - 2009
Westchester Boy Scouts
Westchester Girl Scouts
Westchester Girl Scouts, Troop 633
Westchester Girls Softball
Westchester Girls Softball, Team Sponsor, Pirates Season 2002
Westchester Girls Softball,“Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2001 Thru 2004
Westchester Little League, "Dockside Rewards Fundraiser" 2010
Westchester Little League, Silent Auction 1998 -2010
Westchester Swim Team, “Dockside Rewards Fundraiser” 2009
Westchester Women’s Golf Association, Silent Auction 2000,01,07,09
Westside Special Olympics


California Crime Prevention Officers Association
Culver City Fire Department
Culver City Police Department, 2003 - 2007
Firefighters Cancer Support Network 2012
Firefighters Fighting Cancer 5th Annual Gala 2012
L. A. County Fire Department
L. A. County Fire Station #110
L. A. County Fire Station #110, Yes on B Rally 1997
L. A. Fire Department # 5
L. A. P. D. Pacific Division Boosters, Christmas Party 2008 Thru 2014
L. A. P. D. Pacific Division Boosters, Dockside Reward Fundraiser 2015
L. A. P. D. Pacific Division Boosters, Golf Tournament 1998 Thru 2015
L. A. P. D. Pacific Division Boosters, Holiday Party 2006
L. A. P. D. Pacific Division Boosters, Member 2005 - 2011
L. A. P. D. Pacific Division Boosters, Pacific Idol Awards 2007
L. A. P. D. Pacific Division Boosters, Take a Bite Out of Crime Luncheon
L. A. P. D. Police Department
L..A. Fire Department #67 Fire House Fiesta 2009
L..A. Fire Department #67 Pancake Breakfast 2008
L.A. County Sheriff Department 1997 - 2019
Law Enforcement Exploring Post 1400 Silent Auction 2000
Marina del Rey Sheriff Department
Marina del Rey Sheriff Department, Annual Christmas Party 2007 Thru 2019
Marina del Rey Sheriff Department, Golf Classic 2004 Thru 2015
Marina del Rey Sheriff Department, Reserve Forces Recognition Dinner 2007
Marina del Rey Sheriff Department, Reserve Forces Recognition Dinner 2008
Marina del Rey Sheriff Department, Station Open House 2005,06
Marina del Rey Sheriff Support Unit, Founding Member 2007
Marina Del Rey Sheriff's 999 for Kids 2013 Thru 2019
Santa Monica Fire Department
Santa Monica Fire Department, Silent Auction 1998 & 1999
Santa Monica Police Athletic League
Santa Monica Police Athletic League, Chez Pal Event 2003
Santa Monica Police Athletic League, Golf & Tennis Classic 2010 -2019
Santa Monica Police Athletic League, Halloween Candy Round Up 1994 - 1997
Santa Monica Police Athletic League, Silent Auction 1998 & 1999
Santa Monica Police Department
Santa Monica Police Department Boosters
Santa Monica Police Department, Dessert Run
Santa Monica Police Department, Relay for life 2011
Santa Monica Police, Porker Tournament, 2009 Survivors/Memorial Fund