Dessert Menu

Dockside Desserts

Hot Apple Cobbler
Fuji apples baked together with just the right amount
of spice. Topped with our roasted pecan crumbed
cobbler topping and crisped. Served with vanilla bean ice
cream. 8.5

All-American Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae
We take our double-chocolate brownie & smother it
with vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge sauce, chopped
peanuts, whipped cream and shaved chocolate. 8.5

Hot Peach Cobbler
California Freestone peaches cooked and topped with
our roasted pecan crumbed cobbler topping and crisped.
Served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. 8.5 

Hot Fudge Sundae
Vanilla bean ice cream, our secret hot fudge sauce,
roasted chopped peanuts, whipped cream & shaved
chocolate. 8

'Not your Fathers Root Beer Float"
Yes there is alcohol in it!! ABV: 5.9%
Silky, smooth and satisfying finish. Rated 95% on Beer Advocate!
Served with a big scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream in a frosted Mug! What else could you ask for! 9.5 

Tuxedo Truffle Mousse
A layer each of creamy dark chocolate and white chocolate
mousse between three layers of marbled white and dark
chocolate cake. Topped off with dark chocolate ganache
swirled with white chocolate. 7.5

Do You Feel Like A Little Sumthum’ Sumthum’?
Try one of our personal mini desserts:

• Peach Cobbler With Vanilla Ice Cream
• Apple Cobbler With Vanilla Ice Cream
• Hot Fudge Sundae
• Tuxedo Truffle Chocolate Mousse

 Dessert Martinis

 13 Hand-shaken at your table!

Eric’s Chocolate Raspberry
(The Best You’ll Ever Have!)
Stoli vanilla, kahlua, raspberry liquor,
hot fudge

Maria’s Key Lime Pie
stoli vanilla, pineapple and lime

Matt’s Special
Freshly brewed espresso shaken with
stoli vanilla and kahlua

Chocolate Thin Mint Cookie
Vodka, green cream de mint, white
creme de cocoa and a chocolate swirl

Oatmeal Cookie
Bailey’s irish cream, hiram walker
butterscotch schnapps and goldschlager

The Banana Split
Stoli vanilla, kahlua, creme de cocao
and banana liquor

Caramel Apple Martini
Stoli vanilla, butterscotch schnapps,
sour apple schnapps and a little

Creme Brulée
Stoli vanil, cream, chambord,
butterscotch schnapps
with a touch of caramel

Minty Irishman
New bailey’s mint Irish cream,
vodka and a swirl of chocolate

Coffee Drinks

Boss’ Sauce
Frangelico, kahlua and bailey’s

Keoke Coffee
Brandy and kahlua

Irish Coffee
Irish whiskey and a little sugar

Espresso 4.25

Double Espresso 5.95

Patron Cafe
patron xo cafe coffee liquor

tuaca, amaretto and tia maria

After-Dinner Mint
kahlua, rum and white créme de menthe

Cappuccinos, Mochas And Lattés 5.25